Our Events


Texas Tamale Tailgate (T3)

The 18th Annual Texas Tamale Tailgate will take place November 7, 2020 at the '49er Lodge on the USMA campus.

 Started in 2002 in response to a Texas cadet’s plea, “Dad, we’re starving for tamales up here,” T3 has grown into a major event that gives us the privilege of recognizing our young men and women for their service and dedication to our country.

Every year we provide about 600 Texas cadets, their fellow cadets, and friends some down-home hospitality, good country music, and familiar tastes of Texas BBQ and tamales with all the fixin’s.

Hail and Farewell/Firstie Flags

Every year in early May, WPPCGH hosts a special event to “Hail” the incoming class of 

New Cadet Candidates (NCC) and bid “Farewell” to the parents of the Graduating class.

At this function, the Houston area Field Force introduces each of the NCCs whose graduation date will be in 47 months, hence the Class of 20XX.Also introduced at this event is the USMA Alumni who graduated 50 years before that class and will act as advisor to the NCCs.  

The Farewell process involves recognizing the parents of each graduating Firstie. The parents are presented with two flags: the American flag and a flag of the state of Texas.

Both flags were flownover respective capitols in honor of the specific Firstie on the 100th Night prior to Graduation. Many of the Firsties then use these flags as backdrops for commissioning ceremonies, which are held after Graduation.

Joint Service Academy Military Ball (JSAMB)


The Joint Service Academy Military Ball will be celebrating its 35th anniversary on a date to be determined in December .  This year, the Military Ball will be hosted by the Air Force Parents Club. This year's event will be held at Moody Gardens in Galveston. The theme of this year’s celebration is to be determined. Dinner will be followed by music and dancing. Tickets will be sold on a per person basis. Formal invitations will be sent out months prior to the event.

The Ball is a celebration to honor the commitment of the Cadets and Midshipmen of the five military academies from the Houston and surrounding areas. These dedicated men and women will soon be serving as military leaders and proudly representing the United States throughout the world.  We honor and celebrate these Texas men and women with a formal event which they can enjoy alongside their families and friends.

Annual New Cadet Picnic

 An informal gathering is held two weeks before New Cadet Candidates (NCC) report to USMA for R-Day.  This is the time where NCCs can mingle and visit with Cadets who have returned to the area for summer vacation.

For the last two years, WPPCGH has held this function in Conroe at Oak Ridge High School.  After a brief presentation by the West Point Field Force , the 50-year USMA affiliate, club members, the NCCs and cadets break into small groups to discuss life at USMA.  Meanwhile, club parents answer last-mintue questions that NCC parents have.

Admission Information Meeting (AIM)

 Our club is proud to support the West Point Admissions Field Force by serving as host and setting up refreshments for the AIM meeting. Current cadets returning home for winter break are encouraged to attend and offer insight for those interested in the academy. It is impressive to see the quality of our cadets as they present themselves from the many classes of West Point.

 West Point is renowned as a historic and distinguished military academy, and leading progressive institution of higher education. Each year the West Point Admissions team and local Field Force host an information meeting in December. The presentation is designed to help prospective candidates learn more about the institution recently named “America’s Best College” including the admissions procedures, academic and athletic programs, student life, and career opportunities after graduation. 

 Come see why a popular West Point expression is “Much of the history we teach was made by the people we taught.” 

Gifts for Troops


Once a year, WPPCGH will ask members to donate items that can be sent as gifts to the Troops overseas. Assembling these gifts is generally part of the program at the January meeting.  The items listed in purple are the most frequently requested.

·        Kcups: cappuccino flavor is the most requested

·        Pistachios

·        Sun flower seeds (roasted salt, black pepper and salt, hot and spicy)

·         Tide pods for our laundry

·        Body lotion

·        Mints for bad breath

·        Air freshness

·        Spray febreeze

·         5 hour energy shots!!

Food, Snack and Drinks: Please no canned foods and please check expiration dates

·        POWDERED DRINK MIX (Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light)

·        TUNA & CHICKEN SALAD (in foil pouches, or ready-to-eat kits-no cans)



·        CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS  - Accepted only OCT. through FEB (it will melt in high temperatures!)

·        Hard Pretzels / Cheetos / Fritos / Chex Mix / Wheat Thins / Ritz Crackers

·        Granola Bars / Power Bars / Cereal Bars / Cliff Bars

·        Fig Newton’s/ Oreos / Cheese & Crackers - Small Packs/ Trail Mix /Dried Fruit / Granola /Fruit Roll-Ups / Fruit By  

         The Foot / Fruit Gummies

·        NUTS: Peanuts, Mixed Nuts (salted preferred)

·        MICROWAVE FOOD (Chef-Boy-R-Dee, stews, etc.)

·        COOKIES / Girl Scout Cookies (with chocolate: Oct. - February only!)

·        Rice Krispy Treats (Store-bought only) / Little Debbie’s & Hostess cake products

·        Cereal (Small, individual boxes)

·        Condiments, Spices; Sugar; Salad Dressing (no glass jars)

·        Caffeinated energy gum or candy

Toiletries: Please no hotel samples

·          Lip Balm / Chap Stick / Carmex / Blistex

·        Hair Gel (for female troops to pull hair back)

·        Combs / Brushes / Bobby Pins (in original packaging, please)

·        Deodorant (travel size)

·        Shaving Cream in Tubes / Shaving Soap (No CANS of Shaving Cream!)

·        Hand & Body Lotion / Moisturizer (travel size)

·        Sunblock SPF 45, Zinc/ Aloe Vera Gel

·        Bug Spray / DEET / Skin-So-Soft

·        Mouthwash (travel size) / Breath Mints / Breath Strips Lozenges / Cough Drops

·        Loofah Sponges / Buff Puffs/ Nail files / Emery Boards / Nail Clippers

·        Feminine Hygiene Products

·        Moleskin & Shoe Insole Cushions (gel kind is best)

·        Tylenol/ Motrin/ Advil or Aspirin Packets (Please check expiration dates)

·        Eye Drops (i.e. Visine)

·        Nasal Spray

·        Vitamins (Please check expiration dates)

Entertainment and Sports:

·        iTunes Gift Cards

·        DVD Movies (new or used, recent releases please)

·        Xbox Games/ PSP/ PS2 and PS3) Games (new or used)

·        Board Games (Top request!)

·        Computer Flash Drives & Thumb Drives

·        Portable CD players / head phones

·        Electronic handheld games

·        Small homemade gifts - reminders & comforts of "home"

·        Yo-Yo's/ Dominoes/ Poker Chips, Mats, Dice/ boxed playing cards

·        Board games (UNO, Othello, Checkers - travel size is great, too!)

·        Dart Boards (regular or magnetic - any size)

·        Nerf Footballs / Whiffle bats, balls & Mitts / Sports equipment / Frisbees / Hacky sacks

Other Gift Ideas:

·        Gift Cards to send home to loved ones (for Restaurants, Supermarkets)

·        Keurig Coffee Makers & "K-Cups" (to be shared)

·        LINENS: Pillow cases/ twin sheets/ towels & washcloths (green & tan}


·        FLASHLIGHTS - SMALL (battery operated. Surefire Brand preferred)

·        AIR FRESHENERS (stand alone-not plug-in. Car types are also good)

·        Holiday and Seasonal Decorations

·        Fleece Blankets (Yes, it gets very cold in the winter over there!!)

·        Disposable Hand warmers and Foot warmers (in the wintertime)

·        Winter Hats (Yes, it snows in the winter over there! Hand knitted hats in black, tan or green are always welcome!)

·         PHONE CARDS - Pre-Paid

·        Small toys (Beanie babies) & school supplies for foreign children

·         Patriotic knick-knacks/ USA flags/ flags from your state/ bandanas/ baseball hats/ football jerseys/ banners to tack  

         on their walls or tents.


·        Staple guns, paintbrushes, adhesive wall hooks, wall screws, small tool kits, rubber gloves, sponges, unused 

          rags, etc. Dust masks, carpentry tools, Fly swatters, fly paper, mosquito netting, bug repellent in plastic pump 

          bottles only - NO AEROSOL or PRESSURIZED CANS.

·        Gun cleaning supplies (lube) such as Militec-1 & CLP

·        Alarm Clocks (Small in size; wind-up or battery-operated)

·        Small, portable heaters & fans (110 voltage okay)

·        Water Bottles, Travel Mugs & Thermoses with Lids (for Coffee, Soup, etc)

·        Coffee Makers & Filters (110 voltage okay)

·        Coffee Bean Grinders - small (electric or battery-operated)

·        Microwave Ovens (55 pounds max; 110 voltage okay)

·        Hot Pots – Small

·        Elixir & Water Purification Tablets for Camelbacks

·        Combat Application Tourniquets (black only)

·        Religious booklets, small bibles, inspirational readings (recent, please)

·        Musical Instruments requested (please contact us before sending)

·        T-SHIRTS: Cotton green & tan under shirts - new (Sizes: M, L & XL)

·        [Note: The DOD banned "Under-Armor" shirts due to its material being potentially flammable & bad reactions to 

          open wounds.]

·        SOCKS: Black, Olive Green or White (cotton or wool)

K-9 Items:

Dog chew sticks / toys / shampoo /flea collars /harnesses and leashes


The troops love to hear from all of us and Mail brightens their days!  These are the MOST IMPORTANT items we can send the troops & we can never have too many, so please keep writing! Consider making a patriotic banner or poster to send inside one of our care packages.